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Framed Mystery Movie Posters

Fans of the genre will easily make the difference between crime films and mystery movies, although they are following similar patterns and plots. The emphasis is on the efforts of investigators and detectives to put together the pieces of the puzzle and use various clues, in an attempt of solving unsettled crimes.

The genre has its instantly recognizable characters and the most famous ones are celebrated through Framed Mystery Movie Posters by FramedArt.com.
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Framed Mystery Movie Art

Unlike other crime movies that are more geared towards action, mystery movies are maintaining suspense as the detectives claw their way to a solution. The numerous plot twists and the smart use of camera angles help the director keep viewers at the edge of their seats. Alfred Hitchcock was the first one to properly use all these matters to maximize the impact of the dramatic effect, with his films and central characters featuring in Framed Mystery Movie Posters.

The popularity of the genre spawned sub genres, such as spy films, in which detectives are replaced by spies and other covert operatives. The original mystery films focus on the work of policemen as they try to narrow down the search and find the perpetrator among a bundle of suspects. Sometimes the latter are themselves iconic characters, so it comes as no surprise that Framed Mystery Movie Posters gives them the attention they deserve. Dedicated fans can find artwork covering all the films produced since the classic period of the 30s and including the latest releases.
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