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Framed Lawrence of Arabia Posters

Commonly referred to as Lawrence of Arabia, Thomas Edward Lawrence was actually a British Army officer and archaeologist who lived in the first half of the 20th century. His uncanny ability of describing the events of the First World War in the in Arabia made him popular worldwide and got him the nickname.

FramedArt.com features this iconic character in Framed Lawrence of Arabia Posters, focusing both on the real person and the role assumed by Peter O’Toole.
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Framed Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia
15" x 23"
Price: $150.99
Sale: $75.49
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Framed Lawrence of Arabia Art

The British epic drama film was released in 1962 and was directed by David lean, while Sam Spiegel produced it and they chose Peter O’Toole for the lead role. That’s why most of the framed Lawrence of Arabia posters are revolving around this famous actor, the proud recipient of numerous accolades. Widely regarded as one of the most important films in history, the movie is also famous for its dramatic score and was nominated for multiple Academy Awards. It won seven out of 10 and it is a pleasure to watch for decades after its release, as it still serves an educated purpose.

The plot revolves around Lawrence’s experiences throughout the World War I in the Arabian Peninsula, while focusing on his active involvement in the conflict. Not all of the framed Lawrence of Arabia posters are centered on conflicts and battles, but also brilliantly succeed at capturing the emotional struggles of the character. He is trying to find a middle ground between his loyalty for Britain and his friends within the desert tribes, while dealing with the violence of the war.
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