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Halloween Framed Prints

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Framed Sound Of Silence
Sound Of Silence
by Danksy
27" x 27" Frame
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Price: $308.99 
Sale: $154.49
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Framed Halloween Prints

One of the American holidays that gains traction all over the world, Halloween owes its popularity to Hollywood blockbusters. In 1978, the first independent slasher horror film was produced and John Carpenter who did an excellent job, while setting a milestone for this genre. FramedArt.com acknowledges his accomplishment and those who still remember and enjoy the original after all these years, will surely be impressed by the quality of the Framed Halloween Posters.
The plot of the horror movie is rather straightforward and revolves around the criminal actions of Michael Myers, a troubled kid who becomes a vicious killer. The violence and gore of this movie, came as a surprise at the time, but it also made a strong and long lasting impression. Framed Halloween Posters feature not only the bloodthirsty murderer, but also the victims and scenes that eventually became a standard for horror movies.

Produced with a tiny bankroll it generated almost $50 million in the United States alone and it was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s psycho. The success of this film encouraged others to imitate the idea and there were dozens of movies produced over the next decade. Very few came even close to the original and that’s why those who want to pay tribute to a film that changed the horror genre for the better, can do it by hanging Framed Halloween Posters on their walls. Besides the positive critical reviews and box office results, the movie also received recognition from the Library of Congress in 2006.
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Camp Crystal Lake
by Steve Thomas
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Framed Shiny 2
Shiny 2
by Naxart
25" x 31"
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Shiny 3
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