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Gigantoraptor Dinosaur by Kostyantyn Ivanyshen/Stocktrek Images

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46 x 29 Standard Solid Black Flat with Satin Finish Framed Art

Item # 823573 Finished size:
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Product #: R823573-AEAEAGMFB9

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Framed Kostyantyn Ivanyshen/Stocktrek Images art is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a complete ready to hang masterpiece. With over 60 frames to choose from and tons of mat/glass options, you can select the finishing that matches the look, style and feel that you want for this framed Gigantoraptor Dinosaur print. Each piece of art is framed individually to order by one our craftsmen in NJ to ensure quality framing and customer satisfaction. Our custom framed art offers a high quality, affordable solution to your framed art needs.