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how to hang canvas art video

How to Hang Your Canvas Art

Our canvas art is either printed or laminated directly onto the canvas. Our experts carefully stretch the canvas around wooden canvas bars using either the museum or gallery wrap method. Canvas artwork ordered from FramedArt.com does not come with the nails to hang the canvas, only the canvas is included in the box. Click here to read more about our canvas art.

What You Will Need

1.   wall space
2.   canvas art
3.   two nails
4.   hammer
5.   level
6.   stud finder (optional)

Canvas Artwork

Step One - Find a place to hang the canvas

The first step to getting your canvas on the wall is simply finding a spot in the room to hang the canvas. If you have not bought your canvas yet, keep in mind the size of the space you are trying to fill when shopping. You do not want a canvas that will be too big nor too small so the piece will be noticed without overpowering the room.

canvas paintings

One way to give more support for the canvas is by using a stud finder. The stud finder will find a stud in the wall, which is the best place to put the nails. If you hammer the nails into a stud, it will give more support for the hanging canvas.

canvas pictures

Step Two - Make it even

Now that you have found the perfect spot for your canvas piece, you want to make sure it is even. Hold the canvas art up flesh against the wall. For best results, make sure the level is sitting directly on top of the canvas and is flesh against the wall. Make necessary adjustments to the canvas until the level shows that it is straight.

canvas art

Step Three- Make a mark

Keep the canvas in place and remove the level from on top of the canvas. Using a writing utensil, mark on top of the canvas with either two dots (where the nails will go) or a straight line. These marks will be covered by the canvas once it is hung.

canvas poster

Step Four - Hammer the first nail into the wall

Line up the first nail with your mark on the wall. Using the hammer, insert the nail into the wall (not all the way in so the backing of the canvas can hook on and hang from the nail).

poster on canvas
paintings on canvas

Step Five - Hammer the second nail into the wall

Secure the second nail into the wall using the mark on the wall from step three. Like the first nail, make sure the second nail is not hammered all the way into the wall.

Canvas prints
Framed Artwork

Step Six - Hang the canvas

Once the nails are hammered in place in the wall, take the frame and place the top bar on the back of the frame on top of the nails. If your canvas is slightly askew, you may need to slightly bend the nails up or down.

Canvas artwork

Step Seven - Show it off

Now your canvas artwork is completely hung and ready to show off!

Canvas Art

All canvas art ordered through FramedArt.com comes with 100% satisfaction guaranteed! If you have any questions you can speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives at 877-952-5666 or email them at support@framedart.com. For a step by step tutorial on how to hang your framed art, click here!

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