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Select a Frame for Your Framed Art

Choosing the Perfect Frame for Your Framed Art

Once you've found the perfect print or canvas on FramedArt.com, you're ready to choose a frame that complements your art and the rest of the decor in your home or office. This step is often overlooked or rushed, but the frame should really be considered an extension of the artwork that you chose. You want a frame that makes your artwork choice stand out and reflects your personal style.

With frame styles from traditional to modern, sleek to intricately detailed and a wide range of colors, there's a lot to think about. And we want to help! So before choosing your frame, consider the following points and you're sure to end up with not just a picture, but a finished piece of perfectly framed artwork.

Different Frames on the Same Artwork

Frame Color

People often times assume that the frame they choose should match the art being framed. This is certainly one way to choose a frame, and the finished piece will rarely stand out as being framed badly when using this approach, as well, it is perfectly matched. That being said, you can also use the frame of your piece to create contrast and interest in your space by selecting a frame that doesn't match your print or room decor so closely.

For example, in a modern room and with an abstract piece of art, a simple black frame is a common choice. But what if you used a silver or gold frame instead? In a room of black decor, this frame choice will stand out and create a focal point in your room, based around both the art and the frame.

Modern Geometric Art with a Black Frame
Natural Frame in a modern room

When framing a more traditional piece of art, gold or silver are popular frame color choices. You may not want to stray too far from this in traditional decor, but maybe a frame with unexpected color details would help to make your art stand out in a unique way that shows thought and personal style.

Timeless Chic Art with a Silver Frame
Gold Frame with Victorian Art Prints

Frame Style

A general rule of thumb is that modern artwork is generally finished with a simpler frame design. These clean lines work in most modern decor styles and really draw your attention to the artwork, rather than the frame. If you're looking for the art to be the center of attention, this may be a good path for you to take in choosing a frame as well. If you're looking to create a look that is more eclectic or vintage in style, you might choose a more ornate or traditional frame for your modern art piece. Choosing a frame that has a more detailed or interesting profile helps to make the frame a part of the finished design in your room, rather than just a functional frame to hold your print or canvas.

Modern Frames
Modern Frame Examples
Traditional Frames
Traditional Frame Examples

When framing a more traditional piece of art, it is usually a good idea to choose a style that it appropriate for the time period of the artwork. When framing a Van Gogh for example, a wide gold frame with lots of detail will show off your print or canvas similar to the original in a museum setting. If gold doesn't work in your space, a silver frame with an antique finish and design is also a good choice.

Modern Frame on Modern Art

Frame Size

The width of the moulding you choose can also have a big impact on the look of your finished piece. A wide frame on a small piece of art can make the frame stand out as a part of your overall decor design. This can be a great way to tie in to the colors in your room. Whether you want to match your room or create contrast with your frame choice, the bigger the better when you want your artwork to stand out.

Thick Frames

Likewise, if you want framed art but want the art to be the focus, a slim or thin frame with a simple profile will keep the attention on the artwork and not the frame. A black or brown frame would probably work best in this scenario.

Thin Frames

When thinking about your overall room decor, you may want to consider a combination of both wide and thin frames for pieces of various sizes throughout the space. This kind of diversity in the same space allows you to add more pieces later without having to match a specific size or format. Each piece can be one that you love for a different reason and each piece gets the frame that suits it best when you choose to mix it up from the beginning.

Adding a Mat to Framed Art

Adding Mats

Adding a mat to your framed print is a great option for increasing the size or adding color to your finished art piece. White mats are always a popular choice for helping your colorful artwork to stand out. Using multiple mats or colored mats (or both!) is a fun way to add depth to your finished piece. Look to our guide on choosing the best mat for more ideas on how to mat your framed art.

Double Mats on Framed Art
White Mat on Framed Art

Plexi vs. Glass

There are benefits to choosing either glass or plexi-glass, depending on your needs and the size of the print being framed. Plexi-glass is lighter in weight and offers both standard and non-glare options at a very reasonable price. Plexi-glass is also much less likely to break, making it a good choice for large pieces of art or for art that will be moved from time to time. Glass, on the other hand, is heavier in weight and still offers a non-glare option, but at a higher cost. Glass is generally a favorite of those decorating with a glamorous or high end look, and works well in a room with other glass decor items.

Variety of Framed Art

While there are many frames and framing options to choose from, you will always get a quality product when shopping with us at FramedArt.com. We're always happy to make suggestions or help you to navigate our website and all our frame options, so if you still have questions about choosing the right frame, just ask!

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