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Robert Zund Art

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Framed Harvest
by Robert Zund
32" x 44" Frame
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Robert Zünd (Born 1826) was an artist whose works of art were distinguished by there special closeness to nature and by their highly naturalistic, richly detailed nature. Zünd’s passions were mainly for idyllic landscapes around Lucerne. His landscapes were generally arranged according to classical composition theory. He avoided depicting modern facilities such as railways and buildings. Zünd was born in a middle-class family, and he attended high school in Lucerne after which he was taught painting and drawing in James Schwegler’s studio. His work is very characteristic and has a specific style. Zünd was an artist with unlimited imagination and consummate skill. He exhibited in galleries throughout the world and is included in many corporate and private collections today. In 1848, Zünd moved to Geneva, at the suggestion of a painter called Joseph Nidwaldner. At Geneva, he was first taught by François Diday and later by Alexandre Calame who was Diday's student. Zünd traveled to Paris in 1852. And while at the Louvre, he studied the works of the 17th Century’s French and Dutch masters, and also copied works by Ruisdael, Paul Potter and Claude Lorrain in Dresden in the Gemälde Gallery. Today, framed Robert Zünd art are selling in large numbers because they are preferred by many collectors. Zünd was very religious and his religious faith appears in biblical motifs in his pictures he painted between 1867 and 1877. These works included “The Road to Emmaus,” among others. In 1882, Zünd completed one of his most famous works called Der Eichenwald.
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