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Xavier Zimbardo Art

Xavier Zimbardo (Born March 12, 1955) was born in France, Montmorency. He is a very enthusiastic person. He has tried and successfully shared his feelings, emotions, and strength though his art. Zimbardo said that he wanted to share wonder, mystery, love, and energy, adding that color is his kingdom, art is his life and beauty is his breath. Zimbardo studied photography as an autodidact through books galleries, exhibitions and museums. He works as a freelance photographer for magazines (Zoom, Camera International, Airone, Géo, Figaro-Magazine, L’Illustré, Grands Reportages, Le Monde 2, Libération, Paris-Match, VSD, Merian, Science et Nature, Photographers International, Vis-à-Vis International, Stern, and many more). He is also the author of personal research by using natural elements like glass, smoke, dust, snow, fire, water, etc. He partially destroys the images, creating amazing textures. Through his reportages, he has travelled to many countries including Lebanon, Mexico, Malaysia, Mauritania, Salvador, Sri Lanka, Senegal, Israel, Nepal, USA, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam, etc. Zimbardo works towards bringing forth unexpected and shapes and forms, thanks to his close attention to details and an intimate exploration of the photographic images. As the picture metamophosizes through its erosion and its degradation, Zimbardo tries to discover the mystery that results. Somehow, pictures are alive and also change through destruction, movement, blows, violence, ageing; the artist can generate very strange atmospheres and textures through his action of destruction that provokes ageing. Zimbardo trusts in the power of accidents and chance to generate new forms through the living body/texture of photography. Framed Xavier Zimbardo art are very popular and can be found with many collectors and in many galleries in France and beyond.
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