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Charles Zhan Art

Charles Zhan (Born in 1959) was born in Canton, China. He loved art from a young age and while he was in high school, he became a member of Youth Association of Art in Canton. During that time, he won the National High School art competition. He studied and practiced at Dongyu Chen’s studio from 1974 to 1985. He was a student of both Professor Su Urlong and Professor Lau Sing. After his graduation he became a designer for the Southern China Institute of Landscape Architectural Design. He was focusing on landscape architecture and Architecture. In 1985, he moved to the US where he obtained a Master’s Degree of Fine Art and Design from Pratt Institute in New York City. In his paintings, Zhan lights up the canvas with broad brush strokes, splashes his imagination with the oil colors, and delves into the articulate details with paint knives and brushes. To him oil color is an excellent medium for the expression of a riot of glorious texture and color. Today, Framed Charles Zhan art are very popular with both private and corporate collectors and can be found in many institutions and galleries all over the world. To capture the perfection of the countryside, Zhan has taken photos of and studied the same view in different seasons and at various hours. His aim is to reveal the changes of color, the light and shade of the scene. Zhen tries to collect as much information as he can to strengthen his work. He then completes the work in his studio.
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