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Arthur Zelger Art

Arthur Zelger (Born 1914) was born in Innsbruck. He loved art since his childhood and was never totally satisfied and therefore needed to paint and paint again because that’s what made him happy. She enjoyed the effect of her paintings on his emotion and imagination and he hoped that his paintings had the same effect on his viewers. He was one of the pioneers of graphic design in Tirol and was also one of the most important designers of the country. This Austrian designer and medalist received his artistic and commercial training in Vienna at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (formally the local Kunstgewerbeschule); he learnt commercial art and practiced with the great graphic designers such as Joseph Binder. Zelger knew from an early age that he would end up doing something in the arts field. He believed that living in an environment like Innsbruck had a big effect on his artwork. After the Second World War, Zelger advertized with posters and billboards for his country Tirol and in the process he won an outstanding influence on the Austrian Advertising Art. He loved being surrounded by artwork that his friends had produced so he could also learn from them. He was always on the lookout for new styles and techniques. From 1964 to 1976, Zelger worked for local authorities, companies, and for the Olympic Winter Games in Innsbruck. This created a lot of publicity and made framed Arthur Zelger art to be very popular even to date. Currently, his art are much sought after by discerning private collectors and galleries throughout the world.
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