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Jeff Zaruba Art

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Jeff Zaruba (Born 1953) was born in Philadelphia. In 1972 he moved west to Arizona with his parents. He’s a commercial and fine art photographer specializing in travel, hospitality and architecture. He’s known for his worldwide experience and beautifully crafted images. Raised in Chicago with an avid interest in architecture, Zaruba’s life took a turn with a move to Arizona when he was 19 years of age. While in Arizona he discovered the great landscapes of the west and a love for the arts and photography. Zaruba has been a freelance photographer for more than 30 years. He travels the world on assignments for, corporations, ad agencies hotels, magazines and resorts. Zaruba started his freelance business in Los Angeles in 1977 after assisting commercially for 2 years back in Chicago. Traditionally, he was trained with film and in the darkroom. Zaruba earned a Fine Art’s degree in Photography from Arizona State University in 1975. Most of his photos have a strong graphic element. He loves the interplay of forms, shapes, light, shadows and reflections. His personal work has been published in numerous magazines and he was awarded top prize in the B&W Spider Awards 2005 International Competition as the photographer of the year. He is represented by several galleries across the country. Some of his clients include Anderson Windows and Doors, Axis Architecture – Carmax, Colliers international, Dryer’s Ice Cream, Four Seasons Magazine, and many others. He produces art in a variety of finishing options; the most popular being the ready to hang Jeff Zaruba art which are found in many galleries and collections.
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