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Peggy Turner Zablotny Art

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Framed Nine Days in May
Nine Days in May
by Peggy Turner Zablotny
34" x 34" Frame
Price: $762.99 
Sale: $762.99
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Peggy Turner Zablotny (Born 1948) creates stunning botanical images that she says are about her experience and pleasure of discovery…. the joy of transforming inner revelations into visual statements of texture, color and form. For her, it’s all about searching, looking and understanding how amazing the world is right in front of us and seeing these discoveries each and everyday. Peggy studied at the Philadelphia College of Art from where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design. Her botanical collage compositions celebrate the colors and patterns of nature. Through the medium of original prints she shares her vision with others. Her images are beautiful, delicate, powerful, and startling. The works dignify an aspect of nature that all can easily oversee. Many people are able to see the flower but are unable to see the intricate beauty within the petal – that’s what Peggy’s art tries to bring out. Her art of still-life flowers has not only discovered a new way of representing the colors and forms of flowers but has also reinvented its aesthetic. The images found in framed Peggy Turner Zablotny art are so clear that the flower stems, leaves, petals and other natural objects pop out as if they were real, complete with three dimensions and shadows. If the function of art is to help the viewer see the world in new ways then Peggy’s accomplishes that goal with finesse. In 1994, she began developing and exploring her medium of pressed flower compositions. Her original fine art prints enlarge the plant material compositions and also preserve the fleeting colors of the moisture and light sensitive organic materials.
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