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Z Studio was launched in 1995. They specialize in comprehensive services for advertising, corporate and technical print (magazines, catalogues, brochures, flyers, photo calendars, posters, annual reports, letterhead, business cards, manuals and more). The studio offers six services under one roof: logistics, fulfillment, printing, graphics, translations, and text creation. Clients can use the entire range of six services or just pick and choose a few based on their current needs. They are able to handle the entire production, from content to translation to graphic design to fulfillment and distribution. Z STUDIO offers a full range of printing and prepress services, including bookbinding and finishing. The company creates promotional print for advertising agencies and corporate marketing departments, as well as product manuals for manufacturers and technical departments. The studio is a certified printer for hybrid print products. They work with offset technology as well as the latest digital technology, and special “digital offset” technology. The company offers unique offset Hi-Fi printing technology (more at Hi-Fi printing). They combine offset and digital printing to significantly decrease the time needed to complete the client’s order, as well as their costs. . Since entering the business, Z Studio has become a solid partner to many international companies. Z Studio’s main goal is to offer their clients convenient service in producing promotional manuals and print. They produce high quality products. That’s why framed Z Studio art are selling in large numbers and are found in many collections all over the world. They are text specialists. Their technical editorial department turns technical texts into manuals.
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