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Xavier Art

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3 Items
Framed Two Magnolia Buds
Two Magnolia Buds
by Xavier
35" x 35" Frame
Price: $781.99 
Framed Blue & White Hydrangea
Blue & White Hydrangea
by Xavier
32" x 38" Frame
Price: $411.99 
Framed Blue Shadows
Blue Shadows
by Xavier
32" x 32" Frame
Price: $383.99 
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3 Items
Artist Xavier studied Fine Art at The Central Technical School of Art in Toronto, Ontario Canada, where he was born and brought up. After his graduation, Xavier embarked on painting on a serious note. He began working as a faux finish painter in fabric and drapery design, and developed his own way of producing his art which made his work to be easily recognizable. Currently, he’s working as a color consultant and an artist and is involved in interior design work. He has produced innumerable pieces of art all of which are of high quality. Xavier loved art since his childhood and even before he attended college his art had gained popularity. His was a life full of artwork. Earlier in his life he could spend his free time drawing, painting and sketching. His teachers, friends and family noticed his unique talent and supported him he also knew that he would one day become a full time artists. Xavier works both in both two dimensional painted images and three dimensional sculpture images. His interest also lies in furniture design, where he applies his talent to ensure that the lines of any piece are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The artist recently achieved honorable mention for his chair design in the Bolder Furniture Competition. Xavier works in a multitude of media and his use of color and texture displays his continuing interest in shapes and forms. His art is mainly distributed as framed Xavier art, though other finishing options are also available. Xavier knows how to manipulate texture, color and other elements to bring a perfect balance in his art.
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