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Robert Wood Art

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Robert Wood (Born in 1889) was born in Sandgate, Kent on the south coast of England. He is reportedly one of the most mass-produced artists in the United States. He was a painter of realistic landscapes that reflect vanishing wilderness in America. Many of his pieces of artwork were reproduced in lithographs and then distributed in mass as place mats, prints, and wall murals by companies including Sears, Roebuck. This made his painting to become so popular that he was unable to meet all of the demands. Wood was lucky to be born in an artistic family. His father, W.L. Wood was a famous church and home painter who recognized his son’s talent and supported him. In fact, his father forced him to paint by keeping him inside to paint rather than playing with his friends. Wood entered the South Kensington School of Art at age 12. He went to the United States at the age of 21, having served in the Royal Army, and he never returned to England. He was in Los Angeles in 1912, and was in San Antonio, Texas, in the late 1920s and early 1930s. In 1928 exhibited in the "Texas Wildflower Competition" and gained a national reputation for his dramatic, strong colored paintings. Wood also gave art lessons, and during this period, he sometimes signed his paintings Trebor or G. Day. Framed Robert Wood art are highly priced by many collectors, and they can be found in many art galleries and museums, and in many collections worldwide.
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