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Lisa Wolk Art

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Lisa Wolk loved art from a young age – anything that had an artistic flare would make her happy. If there’s one thing she ever dreamt of in her life it was for her to become an artist. Her dream has been fulfilled and today she’s a professional artist with a degree in Fashion Design and she’s an extreme photography hobbiest! Apart from that, she’s a fiend, a sister, a wife, and a mother. Lisa loves to work with lots of colors. She loves the feel of paint on her brush and how it glides and oozes on her canvas. There’s no better time for her than when she’s holding a brush in her hand. The fun for her continues as she gets to express herself using all mediums to create her final pieces. She loves creating and feels that art is a means through which she pours what’s in her heart to her viewers. Her art speaks for itself. With the delicate use of the elements, Lisa achieves a state of perfect balance that even baffles other artists. Her art is much influenced by her childhood, and today what keeps her going are her family and friends whose encouragements she finds very invaluable. Lisa has always been fascinated by the world around her, the textures and colors, and how fun it is to mix different elements in her art. She’s also inspired by music, nature, and all the little details she sees all around her. She loves to view the world through the lens of her camera. Ready to hang framed Lisa Wolk art adorns the walls of many homes, institutions, and galleries. Even though she’s a professional artist, Lisa is always on the lookout for anything that can help improve her art.
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