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Albert Williams Art

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Albert Williams (Born in March, 1922) was born in Sussex. He was born in an artistic family and received his first art lessons from his grandfather and his father who were both artists. They inspired him to become an artist. Outside his painting Williams has other keen interests including an allure with art of all periods and cultures, particularly the 19th century Russia and the 20th century Soviet. Having studied painting with his grandfather and his father, he attended art schools in Paris and London. He enjoys the music of the 19-20th centuries, and more so Strauss, Wagner and German Romanticism. He is regular visitor to the opera, ballet and theater, and is actively involved with the world peace movement and various environmental and ecological organizations. Williams studied portrait and figure painting under the late Ginnett Louis as well as water-color and landscape painting under the late Knight Charles. At the moment, he works away from his earlier botanical style of painting to create an easier, freer mood in his work. Williams paints daily, especially during the season which extends from spring to autumn. In case a piece of art is not to be completed during the season of its subject, he will be put it aside until the flowers are available next season. His works have been exhibited at the Royal Society of Oil Painters, the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of British Artists, the Royal Water-color Society, the Edinburgh Festival, the Paris Salon, and at a myriad of other prestigious galleries in London and around the country. Framed Albert Williams art is very common in many public places.
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