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Guy Williams Art

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Framed Bucking
by Guy Williams
19" x 19" Frame
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Guy Williams (Born 1932) was born and brought up in San Diego, California. He loved art from his childhood and he used to paint, draw and sketch on any surface he would find, using any material he would lay his hands on. Williams knew he would become an artist. His artistic talent was discovered early enough and he received encouragement and support from those who surrounded him. His at was very much influenced by the people he interacted with and the environment in which he grew. His notable pieces of work include Stations of the Square Asia Series, The Four Elements, and Fossil Wall/Chewing Gum Inscriptions. He worked really hard and his art improved over time; soon he began to receive commissions and orders. The artist also held numerous group exhibitions with much success. His art, especially the framed Guy Williams art, are today found in numerous private, museum and corporate collections all over the world. They are great for both inspirational and decorative purposes. Williams used his art as a means of communicating his feelings to his viewers. That’s why he avoided complexity but made his art to be detailed. He held many solo exhibitions, the first being in 1981 at Jan Baum Gallery in Los Angeles. This was followed by many others at various places including Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park, LA, California, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, CA., New Work, Kiyo Higashi Gallery, Los Angeles, and many others. He received invites for exhibitions which he honored. Williams died in 2004.
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