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Lisa White Art

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2 Items
Framed Vineyard Blessings IV-Mini
Vineyard Blessings IV-Mini
by Lisa White
10" x 12" Frame
Price: $112.99 
Sale: $56.49
Framed Tetherton II
Tetherton II
by Lisa White
34" x 34" Frame
Price: $672.99 
Sale: $336.49
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2 Items
Lisa White specializes in the portrayal of the human figure. She has more than 20 years experience as an artist. Her art continue to fascinate many collectors, more so because they are design-oriented with bright colors and unique style, and without any simple artistic restraints. Lisa strives to complicate life in order to make it simple because she believes it is so easier to make life more complicated than to make it simple. This is what drives her art and summarizes her overall style. Her gestural and loose style reflects the vigor with which she approaches her subjects catching either the essence of the person or the moment. She creates pictures in which all the elements of art harmonize very well with one another. This technique has made her art to be very attractive, especially the framed Lisa White art which can be seen in many collections around the world. Lisa graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Art and Design in 2009. In 2014, she was the Supreme Winner of the Doig Marlborough Art Awards and in 2010 was a finalist is the Adams Portraiture Awards in Wellington. Lisa has been a 3-time award winner in the prestigious Nelson Impressions Art Awards. Lisa strives for work that’s expressive, emotive and visceral, her illuminations of the natural surroundings is more of a feeling than a strict observation. Her use of texture and color display her continuing interest in forms and shapes. Her work has been collected nationally, regionally and internationally and can be purchased online or from physical outlets. They are distributed in a variety of finishing options.
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