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M. F. Weaver Art

M. F. Weaver (Born in 1879) was born in western Pennsylvania. His photographic career began in 1910, just after he married Hazle Judkins. Before he became interested in photography, he prospected for oil and minerals. Weaver’s photographic career was typical of many studio photographers in the early years of the 20th century. At the start of the First World War, he realized that photographing the military troops at various southwestern Army forts and bases was a lucrative business with a potential of growth. While in Los Angeles, he ran one of the largest panoramic photography studios. His work included religious revivals, early Academy Award celebrations, bathing beauty pageants and movie publicity stills. His choice was subject matter was such that the final products were appealing to his viewers. He was an expert at balancing his compositions with a good use of color, texture and other elements of art. The artist died on March 5, 1932 leaving behind a rich legacy comprising of several pieces of high quality art. Weaver produced his art in a variety of finishing options. The most popular option was the ready to hang framed M. F. Weaver art. He loved art and was much sought after by many clients. That’s why at any given moment he always had piece of work at hand. He had quite a number of prominent people as his clients. His art also found its way into many private and public galleries, homes and institutions. They are currently found in many collections around the world.
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Framed Bathing Beauties
Bathing Beauties
by M. F. Weaver
45" x 14"
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