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Kent Wallis Art

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Kent Wallis was born in Orgden Utah, in 1945. Unlike many artists, he began his formal art endeavors rather late. After receiving his Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees in Business Administration from Utah State University in 1969, he got employment by the B. F. Goodrich Company in Akron, where he worked for 6 years in the fields of finance and marketing. However, personal feelings kept reoccurring to him that his career was not fulfilling his creative needs. His sense of frustration continued growing until 1975 when he decided to renew an old hobby that he had abandoned years earlier but which he knew was more enjoyable than finance and marketing - drawing and painting. He did this in an effort to give more purpose to his free time and to sharpen his creative faculties. Within 6 months, Kent Wallis felt a strong drive to paint as one who had to say something important through this creative medium and not as the hobbyist does. He moved his family to Logan and opened an artist supply store to allow him to spend his full energy and time painting. His paintings blend the schools impressionism and of romantic realism. His use of composition and color lend themselves to an incredible beauty reflecting intensity, but a gentle inspirational strength and calm. Rich colors, romantic subjects, and spontaneous technique are his vehicles for conveying joy. He has worn many awards and was elected a member of the Society of Plein Air Artists of America, a member of the Northern California Society of Plein Air Painters, and a member of the Society of American Impressionists in 1989. There are many customers who like to walk into an art dealership and walk away with a ready to mount laminated, canvas, or framed Kent Wallis art. As such many of these art dealerships stock them readily finished for such customers.
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