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Tracy Walker Art

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3 Items
Framed Pop up Bunny
Pop up Bunny
by Tracy Walker
19" x 23" Frame
Price: $214.99 
Sale: $214.99
Framed Birds in the Garden II
Birds in the Garden II
by Tracy Walker
25" x 13" Frame
Price: $162.99 
Sale: $162.99
Framed Meadow
by Tracy Walker
23" x 15" Frame
Price: $164.99 
Sale: $164.99
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3 Items
Artist Tracy Walker lives and works in Auckland where she was born and brought up. She studied Life Drawing, Painting, and Printing and Sculpture. She has been preoccupied with land division in New Zealand and in other parts of the world. Her concern for the land occupation in New Zealand continues to fuel her practice as she seeks to raise awareness of the political issues and challenges that surround land issues. Through her work, she encourages the viewers to evaluate their own decisions regarding the landscape. She balances the necessity of collective and individual land use with the need to preserve the environment. Tracy’s paintings are unique as a result of the multiple fine layers of oils and acrylics she applies over a metal substrate. The light that reflects onto the surface of the aluminum creates effects of light-box, returning the delicacy of both mark making and color. Tracy allows her work to adapt, and sculpturally morph into different environments, inviting the viewer to ponder the work either to be read as a coherent whole, or as a series of component pieces. Her arts hold subtle points of entry into the discussion of the ever-expanding technology, urbanscape, and land division. Framed Tracy Walker art are currently much sought after by many discerning collectors who highly price them due to their great demand. Her art has been to many exhibitions and are found in many galleries all over the world. She creates works that are strong yet subtle; reflecting her approach to the politics of landscape.
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