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Ronda Waiksnis Art

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Ronda Waiksnis rarely uses brushes but applies heavy layers of paint using large putty knives and other tools, moving the oils around as the work progresses. She captures movement through her unique creation process. And as she works, she likes to keep loud music on in the background. When she’s not making art, she walks her pups Luna and Bear, reads, enjoys wine with friends, and watches Game of Thrones. She is inspired by the emotional reactions present in our natural world. The deep-toned colors, the reaction of the earth underneath, and the movements in the sky, combine to make landscapes she never tires of. Sometimes the artist works with her twin brother on special projects. His brother is a poet, and either he writes a poem based on Ronda’s artwork or she uses one of his poems as inspiration for her painting. They exhibited in a show together and are contemplating creating a book someday. Ronda begins with a fairly strict idea of where she’s going; then, somewhere along the way she cuts herself loose and submits herself to the direction the art is taking her. She loves the energetic, raw emotion this gives a painting. Ronda mixes the oil paints directly on the paper or canvas with putty knives. She has only a few brushes and she uses them sparingly to produce her art some of which are as large as twelve inches. What her clients like most is the spontaneity of her work. They say it is kind of fearlessly painted and has good vibes to it. The framed Ronda Waiksnis art are very high in demand.
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