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Tat Vila Wall Art

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Framed Water Symphony
Water Symphony
by Tat Vila
18" x 24"
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Tat Vila (Born 1960) is a professional artist known for his work in watercolor. From a very young age, he loved art and everyone around him, including himself, knew that he would become one day become a professional artist. He could spend most of his free time painting, sketching and drawing. Starting artwork at such a young age provided him with the means to continually refine his technique. It has also provided him with the opportunity to learn a lot from other renowned artists. Vila was hard working and as years went by, he became a professional artist. He learnt and started his painting by taking a lot of workshops on watercolor. Since then, his painting career has evolved and he is now a professional artist. His images have been published on posters, calendars, greeting cards, and stationery around the world. Inspired by his love of music as well as of texture and color, he tries to paint what he would put in his own home. He believes there’s so much beauty around us if we could only stop and look. All his images promise to inspire and delight all new artists and all who view them. His inspirational and calming art enriches both homes and spirit. Vila seeks to transmit his feelings to others through his work in painting. He boasts a happy and bold personality and his contributions in art are reckoned with as he’s widely respected for his works. Vila is a faithful visitor of museums and galleries. Because of the high demand for his creative pieces, several galleries stock ready to mount framed Tat Vila art.
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