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Verbeek & Van Den Broek Art

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Verbeek and Van Den Broek are artists who work and live in Schilde, Belgium. They both loved art since their childhood and knew they would become artists. Their dreams have been achieved and now they are professional artists who put their efforts together to produce stunning pieces of art. Their works of art are easily recognizable because of the unique technique they have developed. This technique sets their works apart from the works of other artists. They have been working together for several years and their works of art have featured in a wide variety of galleries and magazines throughout Europe and abroad. Van den Broek holds a Bachelors degree in Engineer Architecture. The paintings of Verbeek and Van Den Broek are in the permanent collections of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; the Samsung Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, to name just a few. They usually want their clients to get the best; that’s why they are always on the lookout for any new technique and method that can help improve their art. The framed Verbeek & Van Den Broek art are a true testimony to their commitment to their work. Their framed art are very popular because they come ready to hang with all the necessary accessories. The two artists have established a reputation as a major force in Antwerp and as some of the leading painters of their generation in Europe and the surrounding countries. Their work is a source of inspiration for many upcoming artists.
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