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Randy Van Beek Art

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Framed Island Sunset
Island Sunset
by Randy Van Beek
25" x 21" Frame
Price: $257.99 
Sale: $257.99
Framed Season Of Hope
Season Of Hope
by Randy Van Beek
12" x 10" Frame
Price: $125.99 
Sale: $125.99
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2 Items
Born in the Pacific Northwest, artist Randy VanBeek (Born in 1958) started artwork at a very young age. He enjoys a broad range of painting styles and subjects. He doesn’t want to limit himself to a theme in selecting his subjects, or to a repetitive formula in techniques. That, he says can make his art to be very boring to the viewers. He needs to continually challenge himself. He says that the creative process is over once he has accomplished something, and it’s that process he’s most passionate about; just as much as he’s also passionate about the final result. VanBeek thinks the creative mind is one of the most fascinating gifts of God. He sees it as a responsibility to develop and explore his gift, but mostly to share what he has created with others. He believes that humans can seek solace in the appreciation of beauty. Literature, music, and art can elevate our spirit and provide relief from the common place. Most of his attention has focused on the 18th century Austrian and Dutch masters, and the 19th century American painters. The artist prefers to paint in oils, and also reproduces his work on canvas and paper. He also offers restoration services and expertise on old master works and aged paintings, and works on custom commissions. He is basically a self-taught artist and he paints in the traditional impressionist and realist styles. He participates in various shows and exhibits his work in many galleries. Wherever he travels, he carries his camera and painting equipment. When he discovers a scene or an effect that excites him, he captures it. Framed Randy VanBeek art are highly priced by many discerning artists.
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