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Kevin Twomey Art

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Framed Dandelion I
Dandelion I
by Kevin Twomey
19" x 19" Frame
Price: $171.99 
Sale: $85.99
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Kevin Twomey is a photographer who loved art from his childhood. He studied fine art at the State University of New York at New Paltz, and received a BFA in photography. This further developed his creative eye and keenness to detail. He spent a few years in New York City shooting commercially, after which he moved to San Francisco and opened up his own studio. This made his work easier and he began producing very many pieces of art in a variety of finishing options including framed Kevin Twomey art. Twomey is so much delighted by the fact that he’s able to raise the most ordinary of objects to an iconic level. Currently, he shoots commercially, and by using his unique technique, he leads a viewer along trails blazed by his own curiosity to discover what has always been there, but was until now unseen. He transports the viewer through this journey without the viewer’s knowledge. Twomey’s work has greatly benefitted many upcoming photographers. For this and for the quality of his pieces of work, Twomey has received numerous International Awards. His keenness to detail is of great value to commercial clients who require much detail in the art that they purchase. Prior to the shoot, he likes to spend time discovering the emotive appeal of a subject, and then offers a client various options to achieve his unique visions. This also makes his photos to be more realistic. He has been part of a public artworks project for the city of Emeryville.
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