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Shirley Trevena Art

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Framed Red Silk Poppies
Red Silk Poppies
by Shirley Trevena
27" x 31" Frame
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Shirley Trevena is an artist who’s based in Brixton, London. She has been a painter form several years. In 1981, moved to Brighton, on the English south coast after giving up her job in a London government office and she began to paint full-time. Shirley’s watercolors create for the viewer’s eyes sheer delight through an array of compositions, colors, objects, and patterns. Her talent is as definite as her desire to paint. In her art there’s much interplay with the elements, yet her keen sense of watercolor all of the elements harmoniously for a brilliantly hued and exciting composition. Her description of her work reveals her as a painter for whom color and expression are of the utmost importance. Her paintings are usually of domestic objects that she’s collected over the years, selected for their specific shape or color. Many of her paintings begin by her desire to view certain colors together. Shirley says there has to be visual excitement towards the objects she selects and she tries to pass this excitement on to her viewers. Since she resigned from her government job more than 20 years ago to become a full-time artist, she’s had the most wonderful adventure in discovering what marks she wants to put onto paper and how to make colors sing. Off al her pieces of artwork, the most popular are framed Shirley Trevena art. They are found in several collections globally. For her still life paintings she always carefully sets up the objects, sometimes taking a whole day to make sure she has the information she requires to start the painting. She enjoys working with watercolors and mixed media.
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