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Mark Tobey Art

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Tobey was born in 1890 in Wisconsin. He became an internationally respected and best known American artist in the 1950s and 1960s. He was a self-taught attended artist though he attended the Art Institute of Chicago. In 1909, he moved to Chicago and got employed as a fashion illustrator. This is the profession he continued with when he moved to New York in 1911. While in New York, he worked for McCall’s magazine as an artist and had some success painting portraits. From 1913 and 1917, he divided his time between New York and Chicago. Tobey was predominantly self-taught despite attending some classes at the Art Institute of Chicago. In 1917, Tobey secured his first solo show of charcoal portraits at Knoedler Gallery. And in 1918, he was introduced to the Bahai World Faith. Bahai promotes universal consciousness and a faith that ultimately changed Tobey’s art. This religion (Bahai) manifested itself in both the style and themes of Tobey’s art. Bahai teaches that all humanity is interrelated and all religions are prophetic of a single world faith. While Tobey’s subjects were often multi-faceted and spiritual, his technique revealed that he focused on the unity of the image and not its separate parts. Tobey created complex compositions with no focal point. The networks of fine white lines that he painted against dark grounds characterized his mature writing style. This calligraphic style was his visual manifestation of the interrelationship between man and the universe. His white lines connoted light and vibrating movement; they energized and linked the parts of his compositions. Tobey died in Basel in 1976. Canvas, laminated and framed Tobey art can be found in art outlets and are in most cases provided ready for purchase and installation.
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