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Tom Thomson Art

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Tom Thomson (Born 1877) was a brilliant Canadian artist who was born near Claremont, Ontario. His family moved to Rose Hill, where he grew up. It took him quite some time before he decided on what career path to follow but finally he settled on being an artist and moved back to Canada. Indeed, his upbringing gave him an immense appreciation for the arts. His only surviving artwork prior to 1911 consists of drawings in colored chalk, watercolor and ink, of heads of women. In 1912 Thomson traveled to Algonquin Park and to the Mississagi Forest Reserve near Sudbury. It was during this same year that he began to work for the commercial art firm Rous and Mann. Lismer, Carmichael and Varley joined him there. Later the same year, at J.E.H. MacDonald’s studio, he met a prominent Toronto Ophthalmologist and art enthusiast Dr. James MacCallum. Thomson would use a small wooden sketch box when out painting on location. The box was not much bigger then a piece of letter-sized paper. He was using it to carry his brushes, oil paints, and palette. His small painting boards were safely tucked away from each other in slots fitted in the top of the box. In 1913 Thomson exhibited A Northern Lake, his first major canvas, at the Society of Artists exhibition in Ontario. The Government of purchased the canvas for $250. That same year, Thomson’s expenses for a year were guaranteed by Dr. James MacCallum. This enabled him to devote all his time to painting. Later on, taking leave from his work as a commercial artist, he returned north. All his artwork is stunning. That’s why framed Tom Thomson art are still popular several years after his death.
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