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The Morris Studio has provided the people in Southampton with photo restoration, passport photos, framing services and an array of art supplies since 1892. The studio was opened by George W. Morris in 1886 when he set up shop above a Millinery Shop owned by Madame Juliette. The studio is the oldest carrier of frames and art supplies in Southampton. The friendly, knowledgeable staffs have fostered the success of local photographers and artists. Morris is a dapper fellow who was loved by many of his friends. Morris strove to capture the locations atmosphere and highlight the natural beauty of the locations he captured so his viewers could feel like they are part of the photograph and feel like they were right there beside him when he was taking the photo. He came from Sayville to Southampton at age 21. He had apprenticed in photography while in Sayville and felt that he left his heart behind in Sayville. Morris was a master of his craft during the time when images were still being captured on plates made of glass by a very complex process. He managed to produce images that stunned many of his viewers. This made his art to be very popular among collectors. Even today, framed Morris Studio art sell in large numbers. This can be attributed to the fact that they come ready to hang and in attractive frames. The artist captured invaluable views of vintage automobiles, dirt roads, and long-forgotten citizens who were engaged in long gone pursuits.
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