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Kris Taylor Art

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Framed Golden Tuscany Afternoon II
Golden Tuscany Afternoon II
by Kris Taylor
36" x 30" Frame
Price: $397.99 
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Kris Taylor is an independent artist. He decided to be independent after being employed as an artist for others for so many years, and he finds it to be a luxury. Each job added tremendously to his knowledge and skills. He also taught drawing, etching and oil painting at Shippensburg University, Pa. Taylor says he learnt to verbalize art. He honed his skills with perspective while illustrating for Moller Pipe Organ. Later he became the Textile Artist and Art Director at Hoffman Mills, Pa., where he learned to create a repeating pattern and designed upholstery fabric. He also helped a friend who was a framer. For some time, he created hand painted wooden pins, which sold nationally in boutiques and art museums. From his patterns on the pins, he developed a signature line of quilting fabrics. His art got a lot of exposure that made them to penetrate to almost all corners of the world. That’s why today, framed Kris Taylor art can be found hanging on many walls around the world. When he moved to Richmond, he landed a job as a photographic negative retoucher. Later, he took another job with a large art company where he created many artworks that are still distributed and reproduced globally. His work can be seen in Hotel lobbies, in stores like Crate and Barrel and all over the internet. He has been a printmaker of etchings and an oil painter for more than years. Currently, he enjoys setting up booths at some local Norfolk and Richmond shows and meeting the people who look at his art.
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