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Framed Traditional Ed Tadiello Wall Art

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Framed Angel at Rest - foil
Angel at Rest - foil
by Ed Tadiello
12" x 10" Frame
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Ed Tadiello began to create his fine art in the early nineties. His art centers on the female and what he considers to be beautiful. Perhaps his many years painting the heroines on the covers of Romance novels prompted him in his choice of subjects, but as he reflects on it he realizes that his early influences and reasons to enter the art field were the illustrations of the 60s and 70s that portrayed attractive starlets in the theater and movie posters and women in editorial pieces. Richard Amsel, Bob Peak, Robert Macginnes, Howard Rodgers are just the tip of the iceberg from that period, before them his heroes were Gibson, Wyeth, Pyle, Gruger, Elvgrin, Rockwell, Christy, Coll, Lagatta, Lyendecker, again just a few of the many that influenced him. The fine artists that inspired him are Klimt, Sargent, Rubens, Bouguereau, Mucha, Rembrandt, Rodin, Latrec, Turner, Waterhouse, and many contemporary realist painters. Tadiello has been creating art for over 30 years. He does Illustration work, scenic art work and film concept illustration. His career path started in the early 70s when he completed a 2-year course in advertising design and Illustration at the Pan American Art School, NYC. Since then he has taken workshops and night courses on painting the figure with Daniel Schwartz at the Society of illustrators. He also studied with Robert Beverly Hale and David Leffel at The Art Students Leaque, and with Jack Potter and John Murrey at the School of Visual Arts. His art was mainly produced as framed Ed Tadiello art. During the seventies he freelanced and created graphic design and illustrations for diverse and many corporations.
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