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Sarah Stribbling Art

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Sarah Stribbling’s work is sold worldwide and is currently licensed by MGL licensing. Sarah is a wildlife and pet portrait artist who was born and raised in Lancashire in the United Kingdom. Her art are mainly distributed as framed Sarah Stribbling art; though there are many other finishing options that clients can choose from. Her art are also available online. Her art is not only meant for hanging on the wall, but they are also meant to inspire those who view them. Sarah started drawing at an early age and she was inspired and encouraged by her father. Sarah paints a wide variety of animals, including birds, insects and mammals. The artist has had her work displayed in London in the Mall galleries. Sarah is a professional artist who says she was born with a brush in hand unlike those who say they were born with a silver spoon. She loves animals and nature and has passion for the outdoors that forms her genre of art. She specializes in highly detailed pencil drawings and oil paintings and has always been passionate about the natural world and more specifically the wildlife. At the young age, she was able to produce work that stunned many viewers. Many noticed her talent and they encouraged her to pursue art as a career. She also had a strong conviction that she would become a professional artist. The artist holds a Masters degree in Conservation and Biodiversity and a Bachelors Degree in Zoology. Where she can the artist likes to donate art and get involved with a number of wildlife charities.
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