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George Henry Story Art

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Framed Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
by George Henry Story
23" x 27" Frame
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George Henry Story gained recognition both as a genre scene painter and a portraitist. He was born in New Haven, Connecticut. At the age of 15, Story, was apprenticed to a woodworker for 3 years before he began his formal training with Charles Hine and Louis Bail, both portraitists. He studied in Paris for one year (1858), and then went back to set up a studio in Portland, Maine. Here, he worked for only 2 years and then relocated to Washington D.C., and continued with his artwork. Here, he received an important commission to paint the portrait of President Lincoln. He visited Trinidad and Cuba in 1862, and then finally went to New York City, where he lived for the remainder of his life. His talent for figural depiction is shown in his genre works, though they are narratives constructed with a moral message or an allegorical purpose rather than portraits of specific sitters. The artist demonstrates his easy style in his artwork. His paintings are in the collections of such honored institutions as the National Gallery, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and The White House in Washington, D.C. His ability to draw the attention of his viewers to his work is quite stunning; rarely does a viewer look at his art only once. The framed George Henry Story art are made of very high quality materials that can make them last for a lifetime. Story became that acting director of two leading American museums, a duty that he performed with a lot of enthusiasm.
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