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Donna Stackhouse Art

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Donna Stackhouse was born and raised in Jensen Beach Florida. All along she knew that she would become an artist. She loved anything with an artistic flare from her childhood. She trained as a graphic designer and illustrator and is proficient in all current software including Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. She’s a restless artist who always wants to keep her hands busy. She builds her arts with the sensibility of a poet, infusing warmth and susceptibility into her bold fields of texture and color. She’s a versatile artist with many years of experience. This multi-talented artist has a wide range of graphic design and illustration styles including cartoon, technical drawing, fashion, storyboards, silk screen design, and textile pattern design. Her style gives her art a structural backbone that makes the final product appealing to the viewer. Donna has a wide experience in the field of graphic design and illustration and is able to produce art that satisfies and even exceeds the expectations of her clients. Framed Donna Stackhouse art can be used to decorate any space. That’s why they are purchased by people of all age groups and they are highly priced by many collectors. Donna’s digital capabilities allow her to easily interface with clients throughout the world. She produces greeting cards, Posters, canvas prints, etc and has won many awards including the Broderson Award which features her illustration work. The artist believes that there’s no formula in creating art and that an artist should let the image to lead him where it must go.
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