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Lisa Spicer Art

Lisa Spicer has been a painter as long as she can remember. She knew from her childhood that she would one day become a professional artist and much of her effort was directed towards achieving this dream. Lisa’s artistic ability was discovered at a very young age and she was lucky to receive support from family, friends and teachers. Today, she considered to be one of the best artists in the world. It is her purpose and her gift to be able to paint historic buildings, landscapes, or icons that evoke warm feelings and remembrance. “My brushstrokes are my voice to share verses and images that will inspire and provoke consideration,” she says. Lisa’s paintings provide a moment for the viewer to reflect when their lives are busy, filled with lists to do and rushing. She believes that there’s a finer 'country' feeling to her strokes on canvas, pleasant with many interior styles, allowing the viewer to feel at home. Her art has found its way into many homes and today framed Lisa Spicer art can be seen adorning the walls of many prestigious buildings around the world. Today she paints to tell the stories of treasures and places that should not be forgotten. She knew that if she wanted to ever be a successful artist she needed to practice a lot and that’s exactly what she did. She has always had great sell-through with her products, and has spent a lot of time studying trends so that she can keep her art fresh and relevant so as to effectively satisfy his clients’ needs.
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