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Frank Vining Smith Art

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Framed Romance of Sail
Romance of Sail
by Frank Vining Smith
32" x 38" Frame
Price: $663.99 
Sale: $331.99
Framed McKay Racer, Sovereign of the Seas
McKay Racer, Sovereign of the Seas
by Frank Vining Smith
38" x 29" Frame
Price: $646.99 
Sale: $323.49
Framed Toward Far Horizons, Ship Triumphant
Toward Far Horizons, Ship Triumphant
by Frank Vining Smith
38" x 28" Frame
Price: $326.99 
Sale: $163.49
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3 Items
Frank Vining Smith (1879-1967) was a painter and illustrator who was born in Massachusetts. He created quite authentic pieces that are mainly done in the representational style, but every piece is delivered with an injection of the artist’s experiences and imagination. Every artwork Smith creates is unique and delivers different moods as portrayed by the sea. He went to Boston Museum of Fine Arts School after which he worked for the Boston Globe newspaper as an illustrator. It's during the same period that he also made contributions to a number of different high profile magazines such as Field and Stream, Yachting, and Outdoors. In 1922, Smith held his inaugural solo exhibition and had several of his works exhibited in other platforms in New York City and New England galleries. After working extensively as an illustrator, he decided to fuse his artistic skills and his fascination with the seas to create beautiful artistic works using watercolors and oils. Smith’s coverage of the sea through his paintings was wide, capturing schooners, whalers, and clipper ships. His most favorite was however the clipper ships, delivering them in both oceanic turbulence and calm. Besides his painting and illustrations, Smith was also a sportsman who enjoyed sailing, hunting and fishing. He was a member of the Blue Water Cruising Club, providing him with extensive maritime experiences that he enjoyed for its leisure and studies. His artistic works can be found in diverse locations across the globe, with a number of galleries also selling framed Frank Vining Smith art.
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