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Libby Smart Art

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Framed Grove of Trees
Grove of Trees
by Libby Smart
27" x 27" Frame
Price: $244.99 
Sale: $244.99
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Libby Smart was born and raised up in Greensboro N.C. Libby loved art from a tender age and started her own decorative painting business, Paint Smart, in 1993 and run it for more than 10 years before she switched to fine art. In 1985 she moved to Charlotte, where she began her studies under the local artist Andy Braitman and studied under him for 6 years. She has a passion for painting and her style is still evolving. While painting everything from wall murals to furniture, she focused on the needs of the clients while developing her talented as an artist. Her art is recognized by her diversity, spontaneous brushwork, and candid use of color. She has clients who are very loyal and seem to relate and connect well to her work. She has been featured in Today’s Charlotte Women magazine and Charlotte Home Design magazine. She’s represented by several galleries in the southeast and also teaches workshops. Her paintings convey a certain spontaneity and energy that’s able to draw the viewers into her work, whether it be an interior, landscape, abstract or still life. Her style brings excitement and energy to the canvas in a very artistic and creative way that’s all her own. The framed Libby Smart are not for their durability – they can be passed from one generation to the next. Libby describes herself as a colorist who’s able to see beyond what most people see in nature. Her approach has always been the same; she doesn't use a formula and never over-thinks what she’s working on.
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