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Henri Silberman Art

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Henri Silberman (Born 1951) is a renowned artist whose subjects are mainly picturesque landscapes, cityscapes, and a host of other nature’s beautiful features. His photography dates back to his high school days. Due to his fascination with photos, he ended up acquiring a camera at 16. As he continued taking pictures, he got to master his subjects and scenes that would make the best pictures. Besides improving his personal skills, Silberman also acquired better cameras. Although most of his photos are monochromatic, he also credited with numerous color pictures. To meet the needs of different clients, he delivers his photos in diverse sizes, from small and medium to large. After making a name within his locality, small time jobs started flowing his way, with some involving selling his existing photos. Silberman has earned a name as one of the most prolific photographers. Although he was born in Paris, he lived most of his life in Brooklyn, exposing him to a number of attractions within the US. He has thus made pictures of World Trade Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, Chrysler Building and more. Silberman’s Brooklyn Bridge image represents one of his greatest pieces and has become famous globally. Besides the quality of the image, the content captures great features of New York City, including the twin towers. His art is however not limited to the US as he takes photos of other attractions across the globe. For example, his La Tour Eiffel photo is a great depiction of the attraction and features among his top works. He has many of his art pieces displayed by reputable collectors, both private and public. Framed Henri Silberman art can also be found in a number of galleries across the US and an assortment of other countries.
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