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Framed Shane Settle Wall Art

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Framed Pier - Mini
Pier - Mini
by Shane Settle
18" x 18" Frame
Price: $176.99 
Sale: $88.49
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1 Item
Shane Settle teaches photography and is also a fine art photographer. His favorite shooting conditions include cloudy weather, low light, or fog. He believes that these conditions produce the best images. This photographer uses a minimalist approach in producing his art, and he relies on simplicity and patterns to bring an emotional feeling while viewing his art. His love for art began as a student of journalism and continued to come into bud through college and now into his professional life. Settle looks for simple elements and patterns to photograph and tries to exclude the extraneous. The conditions under which he shoots the photographs sometimes lend themselves to long shutter speeds, and this has the ability of reducing elements such as water and clouds to their simplest form and giving the images a painterly, almost ethereal feel. He tends to use a unique approach which is uncomplicated, hoping that through this, the viewer can appreciate nature in a masterful, unique way. Viewers can get a sense for some of the styles and photographers that have influenced his work by looking through some of his favorite photographs. He uses elements of color when an image is better expressed in color, but he prefers black-and-white photography. Many collectors and art stores stock a large number of framed Shane Settle art because they in great demand. This is because they come ready to hang with all the required accessories. His typical approach is to look for simple elements and patterns to photograph and to exclude the extraneous.
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