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Jeannie Sellmer Art

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Jeannie Sellmer graduated from The Art Institute of Boston in 1978. After completing her formal education at this institution, she stayed in Massachusetts for quite long before she relocated to New Mexico in 2005 with her husband.  She’s currently represented by Sumner & Dene Gallery in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jeannie is interested in making art that evokes both a sense of contemplation and energy, inviting the viewer to engage in the visual realm with a sense of open interpretation and meandering exploration. Each of her paintings begins with a single textured layer on which she adds many veiled layers of oil paint over many sessions.  She works intuitively, making each painting serve as her guide; each additional layer is changing the art gradually as she retains traces of previous color and marks, while she obscures others. Once a piece is complete, it can be seen to evoke both a sense of contemplation and energy, inviting her viewers to engage in the visual field with a sense of open interpretation and meandering exploration. Form, color, line and texture are the primary guiding elements when she’s painting. Although she may begin an artwork with a general concept of what she wants to convey, she doesn't let it constrain or limit her and prefers to let the process of painting itself guide her or act as a road map to the finished result. Framed Jeannie Sellmer art are quite attractive and sometimes force the viewers to make a purchase. Her art is influenced and inspired by organic forms and nature.
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