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John Seerey-Lester Art

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Framed First Snow
First Snow
by John Seerey-Lester
36" x 31" Frame
Price: $399.99 
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John Seerey-Lester was born and raised in Manchester, England. A traveler of the world and a resident of Florida, Seerey-Lester only paint subjects which he has observed personally. His painstaking research pays off in his posters, art, and prints that are not only totally accurate, but also beautiful. Before devoting himself to his art full time, Seerey-Lester worked in advertising and publishing. His passion for wildlife was fueled by a trip to East Africa in 1980. His posters, art, and prints have become a voice for endangered species, raising funds and awareness. He’s esteemed not only by his collectors, but by his peers as well. That’s why his art, especially framed John Seerey-Lester are found in almost all corners of the world. Mention his name to a fan of wildlife art and you'd more often than not get an excited response. His work is recognized world-wide for the depiction of large mammals and birds of prey, and his unmistakable style and skill have become easily identifiable to art experts, novices and fans alike. His art has had that effect on his following since his entry on the art scene nearly 3 decades ago. Before he started painting wildlife, the artist painted portraiture and figurative works, which he still undertakes. He continues to do figurative work between his wildlife paintings on his travels to different parts of the world. Seerey-Lester has displayed in several r museums such as the National Museum of Wildlife Art, the Gilcrease Museum, and in many other permanent collections. He’s a member of Artists For Conservation, and Oil Painters of America.
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