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John Seba Art

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Like many artists John Seba began his journey as an artist at a very tender age. Born and raised in Argentina, he moved to Southern California in the early Nineties to establish his career as an artist. Starting on this path at that young age helped his career to develop very fast. He’s had the opportunity to interact with some of the leading artists who have influenced and inspired his work. Seba likes art and he’s good with colors. Despite his experience in art, he still visits many art galleries and museums to learn new techniques from other artists. He’s open to learning and is not afraid of criticism. He considers art as a means through which he communicates his feelings to his viewers. Seba creates a series of striking mixed media collages that have made him to be known as one of the best artists in Southern California and beyond. Seba’s colorful artwork has a layered effect that adds sophistication and texture to his art. He tries to produce his art in a variety of finishing options and to keep his portfolio as varied as possible as that, he believes, tends to mean he’ll get asked to do a variety of jobs and types of work which is how he likes it. His art is much influenced by his early childhood and by the places he has visited and the people he has interacted with. He loves what he does and can’t imagine doing something else. He’s a member of many professional art groups and participates in many exhibitions.
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