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Lindsay Scott Art

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Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, artist Lindsay Scott (Born 1955) is an avid conservationist who has traveled widely leading tours to Antarctica and Africa. She grew up in Zimbabwe (the landlocked African nation formerly called Rhodesia) and this is where she spent her youth learning to survive in the bush and watching wildlife, and in the process developed an abiding and deep passion for the natural world from a young age. She’s an internationally renowned artist who’s acclaimed for her precise and dynamic oil paintings and her elegantly detailed pencil drawings. All these convey the spirit and drama of African Wildlife. Her drawings and paintings portray her feelings about the wonderful landscapes she has seen and include moods from excitement (action-packed) to peaceful and magical times, in which wonderful creatures go about their daily lives in the fascinating and vast arena that is Africa. Artistically, her inspiration is varied, from bison testing their might, to a lioness looking at a canyon, to zebra wallowing in the shallows. Her background as a biologist, botanical researcher and an illustrator have served her well in delivering the spirit and drama of wildlife to her viewers, both North American and African. When not traveling she spends her time in her home in New Zealand with her husband. She uses a limited palette of only 8 colors, with each hue having a trace of all the others. This helps in harmoniously linking together the various elements of each painting. Framed Lindsay Scott art are easily recognizable.
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