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Anke Schofield Art

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2 Items
Framed Falling 1
Falling 1
by Anke Schofield
32" x 31" Frame
Price: $386.99 
Sale: $386.99
Framed Pattern of Life II
Pattern of Life II
by Anke Schofield
32" x 32" Frame
Price: $370.99 
Sale: $370.99
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2 Items
Anke Schofield (Born 1972) was an artist who was born in Ithaca, New York. He's currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. Due to his love for art, he pursued the same in his college studies, graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design in 1994 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a later workshop in Maine Photographic Workshop in 1995. He would later earn his Master in painting from Atlanta in Savannah College of Art and Design in 2008. He's been following Mattress factory Art Complex since 1995 in Atlanta, Georgia, and Stichting Kunst Academie Ruudt Wackers, Amsterdam Summer 2001. Throughout the period that he's been studying, he's also been actively creating art. Schofield founded Art Department Gallery in 2005 to 2009 where he worked as the director. The quality of his works has seen them collected in diverse places, including Lowes Hotel, in Atlanta, Georgia, Hotel Dubai, United Arab Emirates, ADHD, Ty Pennington, among other global locations. Anke has worked with numerous companies and galleries, including Soho Myriad, Atlanta, Georgia, Lurie Gallery, Miami Florida, Diehl Gallery, Jackson Hole WY, among several other locations. Besides the galleries and clients he's worked with, he's also held numerous exhibitions, including Art Papers Auction, Atlanta, Georgia, Solo Show, Gallery Zuger, Vail, Mattress Factory Art Complex Open Studios, Atlanta, Georgia. Anke Schofield framed art can be found in a number of galleries and art dealerships and are ideal for those who would like ready to mount art. There are also several other options that one can explore, including canvas, lamination, and more.
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