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Herb Scharfman Art

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American photographer Herb Scharfman (Born 1912 – Died 1998) was known for his famous sports photography. His photographs of the sports people from America were published by Sports Illustrated and other publications. What mattered to him most about the work that he did was that it was able to transmit the inspiration he intended at the time of creation. Photography was always like a kind of therapy for him. It helped him to notice his strong and weak points, to understand himself, and to see how his body could be a beautiful form instead of a source of problems. He would love if people portrayed in his photos had the same experience as she had. A native of Chicago, Scharfman did a great job and within a short time after taking photography as his full time career, he was regarded as one of the best photographers in New York. He began his career in New York as a stringer for International News Photo. His work was admired by both his peers and his viewers alike. His 1952 photograph showing Rocky Marciano's knockout punch in a bout against Jersey Joe Walcott has been considered by many as one of the most iconic photographs in the photojournalism history. This followed the 1961 photos in which he chronicled Roger Maris during his pursuit of the single-season home run record of Babe Ruth. This photo of that record breaking moment became and is still is one of the most famous photos of baseball. Today, framed Herb Scharfman art hang is almost all prestigious galleries around the world.
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