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Sanyu Art

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Framed Seated Nude
Seated Nude
by Sanyu
14" x 15" Frame
Price: $133.99 
Sale: $133.99
Framed Nude
by Sanyu
48" x 28" Frame
Price: $818.99 
Sale: $818.99
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2 Items
Sanyu (1901 - 1966) was born in Nanchong, Sichuan Province, China. He attended Art College in Shanghai and travelled to Japan in 1919. Three years later, Sanyu went to France to study there as part of the first wave of Chinese artists who also went to France. Unlike most of the artists who went back to China, Sanyu decided to remain in Paris. He exhibited his art regularly in local galleries and at the Paris salons since 1925. Before the First World War, Sanyu returned to China but only briefly and then moved on to New York where he lived for 2 years. The Museum of Modern Art in New York held an exhibition of his work in 1948. Sanyu returned to Paris in 1923 where he plunged into what to him was the exotic world of nude drawing. The young Sanyu must have been excited by being in a studio where nude models, which were forbidden at home, posed at his arm's reach. In this uninhibited and free environment, Sanyu experimented with Western sketching techniques to express and explore the lines of the human form. Since he was trained in Chinese calligraphy in his youth, it is not surprising that most of his nude drawings were done in Chinese ink and brush. His early works in Paris comprise exclusively pencil and ink drawings of figures and nudes, of which over two thousand examples still survive to date. His art was availed in a variety of finishing options including ready to hang framed Sanyu art. Since his death in 1966, three retrospective exhibitions of his works have been held by the National Museum of History in Taipei.
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