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Takashi Sakai Art

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4 Items
Framed Petals II
Petals II
by Takashi Sakai
25" x 31" Frame
Price: $296.99 
Sale: $296.99
Framed Petals III
Petals III
by Takashi Sakai
18" x 21" Frame
Price: $197.99 
Sale: $197.99
Framed Meditation III
Meditation III
by Takashi Sakai
18" x 29" Frame
Price: $258.99 
Sale: $258.99
Framed Arbor I
Arbor I
by Takashi Sakai
30" x 36" Frame
Price: $377.99 
Sale: $377.99
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4 Items
Takashi Sakai (Born 1978) was born in Nagano, Japan. He loves working with textures, color and other elements of art which allow him to create art with bold colors and intricate in detail. He has loved art for as long as he can remember and knew from a tender age that he would be an artist. The elements of art also allow him to bring the sense of harmony in his art. Sakai loves freedom and doesn’t want to be constricted by rules. His talent in the arts was noticed early enough and he got a lot of encouragement and support. He’s now a well known artist whose art is found many products. He likes to try everything and anything that can make his art look better. He learns from his own successes and failures. Sakai is often influenced by his environment. He looks at life as an adventure and an exciting path everyone needs to follow. He has worked very hard and today he’s a professional artist who’s counted among the best artists in the world. His aim is to capture that fleeting moment of the convergence of form, light, texture, and color in a composition that endures for one to see and feel and enjoy for a lifetime. He’s a graduate of Tama Art University where he studied in the Department Oil Painting. Sakai believes that art as a universal language that speaks directly to the heart of humans no matter what part of the world they come from. Framed Takashi Sakai art can be used to decorate any space.
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