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Framed Amy Ruppel Wall Art

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Framed Am I Upside Down50% Off Art Prints
Am I Upside Down
by Amy Ruppel
11" x 11" Frame
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Amy Ruppel was born and brought up in Plymouth, Wisconsin. She’s a huge fan of the Mid Century modern designs, illustrations, furniture and ceramics. She mainly likes the stuff that is Finnish or Scandinavian in nature. She grew up on lots of acreage, surrounded by animals (some rabbits, 4 dogs, 2 horses, 22 cats, birds), grass, trees,... and the occasional excitement of thunderstorms and tornadoes. All these influence her art in addition to Pottery with Stig Lindberg’s designs on. He also likes a store in Portland called Lookmodern because it contains lots of furniture that she admires. The paintings and art from the movement of German Expressionists taught her about composition, color and simplicity. She was fascinated by science from a young age because of the Mammoth Ice Age Center close by. She realized she liked to draw as well, dragging her paper and pencils into the woods with her. She also tends to be very attracted to drawings that she finds on products, or things like textiles and ceramics and old beer trays. Recently Amy bought an old tin fuel can just because it had an illustration on it. The illustration was of a family camping and cooking fish by a stream. Today she proudly calls the green and beautiful Portland, Oregon, her home. Here she now drags her pencils and paper to and from her studio and home. But she draws most everything on the computer these days. She’s a full-time illustrator and artist. Framed Amy Ruppel art comes in high quality framing that makes them the first choice for many collectors.
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